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Bologna Italy Restaurant Reviews of Trattoria Del Rosso

Reviews From The Internet
Google Reviews
Colorado – November 9, 2011
Very good service. The food is good and you spend the right. The position and ‘ideal for those who want a good meal after a walk safely 
wanderer – October 23, 2011
just 10 € to get up from the table like a watermelon! 
Milo – October 16, 2011
 Really nice restaurant, the food is good and the place is cozy. Fresh food in Bologna! 
Lellalis – September 16, 2011
 Good, cheap, the service is excellent. They also make menus from 10 euros including first, second, coffee and soft drink .. Advised 
SpiGa23 – November 17, 2010
For me one of the few places in london where you spend and eat well! 
Gires – October 6, 2010
 Economy and fairness to the menu with a choice of ten euros 2 / 1 (one meat and one vegetarian) two seconds (one meat and one vegetarian), soft cover and water at 10 euros (dieci!) in the center of Bologna is not can be discussed. Then if you go out in a menu as you travel, however honest, without reproach, and even with some praise (try the crostini with liver pate and shin). On average, the first good. You can eat outside under the arcades (but is a bit ‘damp smell when it happens close to the grid) or in the halls, if they are internal ones, are almost without windows. However, are conditioned in summer and in the evening, however, if you do not. The house wine is honest. Some waiters are friendly, others less so. But here, do not lie behind these things, are based on the amount and …
 Alexander – August 10, 2010
 A meal wasted reading many good reviews I decided in my short stay in Bologna to try the restaurant’s red …. I was wrong …. No doubt the prices are low but this is indicative of what you would expect. I ordered ravioli with meat sauce of the paper that I have to say not at all satisfactory. The staff is very friendly … so much so that in order to leave as soon as possible I have not even ordered dessert. Silvia 
JoachimAmSonnenbrühl – March 29, 2011
Reasonable lunch menu with vegetarian options 
I liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value
simstim – January 7, 2011
Supreme value. Go early or expect to que. 
foodie – October 7, 2011
The ten euros menu is a fantastic value! We ordered from the menu Carter Wing, the best food we have eaten Emilia Romagna. We will definitely tell our friends That when in Bologna to dine at this great restaurant 
I liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value
Trip Advisor:
“Local favorite”
Reviewed 16 November 2011
Good food at reasonable pricing. They fill up early which is different for most restaurants.
“LOVE this restaurant!”
Reviewed 10 November 2011
We went to Trattoria twice, once for lunch and once for dinner. Both times the food was great and fantastic value for money. Also one of the few places that offers some solid vegetarian options.
“Great Value for the Money”
Reviewed 29 October 2011
My wife and I visited Trattoria del rosso twice during our stay in Bologna. Although the restaurant was very crowed for lunch we were seated quickly. The lunch special was 10 Euros and included pasta, a bottle or water, 1/2 a liter of house wine and desert. Everything was excellent and we thought we would return that night for dinner. To our disappointment when we arrived we discovered the Trattoria was totally booked with reservations. So we went early another night and sat outside since it was quite warm and we again had an excellent meal. We shared the eggplant parmigiano as an appetizer which was outstanding. We both had the pasta bolognese and we shared panna cotta. for desert. The vino della casa is also excellent here. My wife enjoyed talking Italian to the women at the front desk where you pay your bill. I believe it is important to arrive early at this trattoria if you do not want to wait or sit outside. It seems to be very well known for the quality and reasonable prices.
“The best restaurant (or should I saw trattoria) in Bologna Italy”
Reviewed 22 October 2011
Our group enjoyed this delicious Bolognese, Emilia Romagna Italian food. I would even say it was the best restaurant (or trattoria as they like to be called) we have eaten at in all of Italy. This was really fantastic peasant food and the service was outstanding. You can’t always tell which restaurants are making fresh pasta, or their own tiramisu, but chef owner Stefano Corvucci showed us personally how they were making all the pasta by hand. He took us into the spotless kitchen and we were overcome by the delicious aromas of the all the great dishes that were being prepared. People were lined up outside the restaurant and we learned it’ not just the locals who eat at this fantastic trattoria. This has got be the most popular Italian Restaurants in Bologna. Some of us had the 10 euro special but others thoroughly enjoyed some great dishes from the ala carte menu.. We loved the house wine! We will be back next time we come to town.
Simply the best restaurant (trattoria) in Bologna, Italy.
Try the 10 euro menu fantastic value. We ordered off the ALA CARTE menu and it was incredible!
Heard a lot of good things about Trattoria del Rosso from Fred Plotkin and the chowhounders, so we took the train from Padua and stopped in Bologna for lunch. From the train station, it was a good 20 min walk and by the time we reached here it was almost 2:30 pm. I was so scared that we wouldn’t get anything to eat as most places stop lunch at 3 pm sharp.  We entered the restaurant and it was bustling with energy, even at this late lunch hour. We stood by the entry for a few minutes but no one was in a hurry to attend to us. The old woman who was sitting near the cash register then came to us and in my broken Italian I told her we were very hungry and she made one of the servers give us a nice corner table. She was the sweetest ever! 
The Tortellini (ravioli stuffed with ricotta and Parmesan) with butter and sage was amazing as was the Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce.
The house wine was pretty good and reasonable (1 liter which made about 4 glasses was 8 Euros).  Go here for the pasta dishes, esp the tortellini and anything with the Bolognese meat sauce…it was really good!


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