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Bologna Italy's Authentic Trattoria - Bologna Italy Restaurants

  Trattoria Del Rosso  
  Via Augusto Righi 30  

Bologna, Italy 40126

  Tel 39 051 236730  


Open every day from noon to 11pm
Bologna’s Oldest Continuously Running Restaurant

“Home of The Authentic Bolognese Price Fixed Lunch and Dinner For 10 Euros
(Don’t Forget Our Award-Winning Ala Carte Menu Too!)

For Bologna Italy restaurants. Acclaimed to one of the best places to eat the typical food of Bologna, Trattoria del Rosso uses only the freshest, hand-made pasta. Only family, authentic recipes are used to guarantee that you have a true country, Emilia Romagna dining experience. Try crescentine, pasta Bolognese and other typical dishes, in downtown, historical Bologna. So please, come, mangia and enjoy the typical “trattoria” experience at Trattoria Del Rosso!

When traveling to Bologna, Italy, in the region of Emilia Romagna you’ll find that one of the best things to do in downtown historical Bologna Italy is to eat Italian food, in an Emilia Romagna trattoria. When you are hungry and looking for one of the best restaurants in Bologna Italy, try a Bologna Trattoria. For an authentic cucina bolognese dining experience you will find Trattoria Del Rosso to be one of the best thing to do in Bologna .

The New York Times in an article called 36 hours in Bologna said you must have food in a great trattoria; located in downtown, historical Bologna, near the best Bologna hotels and easy to find, come and join us for a fantastic flavorful Bologna dining experience. Eat where the locals eat and come to Trattoria Del Rosso.

When you visit Bologna, and you want to know what to do in Bologna come to one of the best restaurants in bologna Italy, not a ristorante but a true “trattoria” happening, come where the locals, students, professors and workers come to eat and enjoy authentic Bolognese food at great prices!

– Mangia Italia and buon appetito.


Try one of the best restaurants in Bologna Italy/ A local trattoria located in downtown Bologna near  Bologna Hotels.


best restaurants bologna Italy, rated as one of the best restaurants Italy, often reviews say we are the best restaurants Bologna Italy, best restaurants bologna Italy, eat where the locals eat, look for our restaurant reviews on advisory - Bologna.  Did you know our authentic Bolognese restaurant or as we call it “trattoria” is one of the best in bologna. We often rank us as the best restaurant in bologna,restaurants bologna, trattoria bologna.  For tagliatelle, lasagna or tortellini please come and see us


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